85% of Americans who do not play a musical instrument wish they did.
– (2010 Gallop Poll)

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“Don’t Let Everyone Else Have All The Fun!” -Says Adult Student Ken Fortier

“Thank You, Rick’s Music World”

Ken Fortier earns Marvel Award for 8 years of guitar study

Ken Fortier earns Marvel Award for 8 years of guitar study

“It’s been 8 years since I walked into Rick’s Music World and boldly declared I was going to learn to play guitar. They showed me the left-handers (I’ve never done anything right handed and wasn’t about to start), and patiently explained the features to consider. Rick Santos checked in to make sure I was comfortable and I made my purchase, a nice acoustic. I met with Robin to sign up for lessons. She asked me what my goals were. Cool I thought but I didn’t have a well-formed answer… ‘to accompany my daughter Kara on fiddle’. I didn’t know who my new instructor Chet Krolewicz was but he sounded cool, and he was.  As I left Rick’s that day I started to regret my bold declaration. I’m no musician! Old dog, new tricks?! I sank in the driver’s seat and thought about ways to dispose of that new guitar. That night I asked my son Alex a question that had always haunted me…‘what’s a chord?’.

Rick’s Music World has always been a strong supporter of the Dighton Lions Club and their charities, so it was easy to know where to go. It turns out thatRick’s was exactly where I needed to be. Their instructors treat me as an individual. Mark Carvalho has been my instructor and friend for six years since Chet’s retirement. He always knows when my head is full and throttles down, and when to accelerate. He embraces any tune I bring and soon has me playing it. He taught me to read music, so I now claim that I’m bi-lingual. The encouragement and instruction I receive here has led me to places unimagined. I’ve jammed with my heroes John Cote and David Surette and even joined John on stage once.

However, the greatest experiences are when we play as a family with Kara on fiddle and mandolin, Alex on keys, mando and guitar, and my sister Sandi on banjo and guitar. It’s been over a year since my wife Maureen made her own bold declaration and we now have a bass player! We plan to travel to far off music camps when we retire.

Ken plays with wife Maureen , daughter Kara, teacher Mark and friends Jane and John!

Ken plays with wife Maureen (upright bass) , daughter Kara(fiddle), teacher Mark Carvalho (guitar) and friends, Jane Fallon (singer) and John Rufo (mandolin)

Music keeps me close with my children, my wife and my sister. It has brought many new friends into our lives. My friend Bob Elliot and I entertain monthly at a retirement center, and I host a weekly jam with my dearest friend Ed Silvia. I love that my daughter encouraged me to ‘go for it’ and I pass that advice on to you. Pick up a musical instrument and go for it. Don’t let everyone else have all the fun!” – Ken Fortier

Ken was honored with the Marvel Award at our Open Mic for achieving 8 years of guitar study.  Read what his teacher, Mark Carvalho had to say in our 2017 April-May newsletter.

Psychologists say that 80% of decisions that humans make are based on FEAR rather than DESIRE.  Is fear holding you back from learning to play an instrument?

FEAR:  “I’m too old to learn.”
      Fact:    We have students in their 80’s!Music is for everyone! About 30% of our students are adults! The benefits of playing music are even greater for older adults. Music is for life!

FEAR:  “I’m embarrassed that I’ll be the only adult taking lessons.”
      Fact:    31% of our students are adults.  (Why should kids have all the fun?)

FEAR:    “I don’t have time.”
      Fact:    When you learn the lifelong benefits of playing music, you will make time. You deserve it!
Why Play Music? -Adults                Why Play Music? -Seniors
FEAR:   “I’m afraid it’s expensive.”
      Fact:    Know that coffee & muffin you just bought at Dunkin’?  Can you afford that?  ‘Cause when you break it down, it costs $3.99 per day for private lessons at Rick’s.  Guess which one lasts longer and is waaaay better for you.

FEAR:   “I might fail.”
      Fact:    You won’t be attempting it alone. There’s someone very important on your team.  Your teacher is your partner in your quest and has ways to help you overcome obstacles and help you reach your goals. And you’ll meet many other people in the Rick’s Music community who will (sometimes magically) contribute to your musical journey.

FEAR:     “I don’t know anything about playing music.  I don’t know where to start.”
     Fact:     We are experts in helping beginners get off on the right foot.  Our staff has helped beginners for more than 34 years.  We’ll educate and guide you regarding your instrument of choice so you won’t waste money by purchasing an instrument that isn’t appropriate or might hinder your success.  Then we will match you up with the best teacher for you.

BIGGEST FEAR:    “I’ll never get to cross this one off my bucket list.”
     Best Fact:          You can cross it off today!  Call 508-977-0200, email or stop in and see what a difference music can make in your life.