Special Music Programs in Guitar, Band Lessons and Preschool Music Programs

All class sessions are announced via email.  Join up if you’d like to be informed when the next session of your favorite class will be offered.

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Intro To Guitar — 6 Weeks

Learn the fundamentals of guitar playing in a small group setting.  Students will enjoy learning tips to help them play music faster and develop good techniques to build upon.   This class will be limited to 10 students so that the instructor can give individualized attention to each student. Students meet for 1 hour each week.  Class materials will be provided. Requirements:  Student will need an acoustic guitar during class and for practicing at home.  Teacher-approved student guitars are available for purchase or rental. We also provide a free check up for any student-owned guitar prior to the first day of class.

Intro to Music Theory and Harmony —6 Weeks

Teacher, Nic Estrela, will unlock the mysteries of music harmony and theory during this 6-week course. You’ll learn to read, write and communicate music the right way. Nic will lead you on a multi-media exploration of the building blocks of music. Together, you’ll explore musically and historically significant recordings, videos and music transcriptions. This is your chance to learn very important information to support your playing!

Advanced Electric Guitar Lab — 8 Weeks

Learn advanced musical skills important to work dynamically with other musicians.  Skills such as listening, harmonizing, improvising, reading, accompanying, lead/melody playing and tone sensitivity will be explored throughout a variety of genres, including blues, jazz, funk, classical and bossa nova.  The lab will end with a performance, where the students will Showcase what they have developed from this unique and rich experience.  Students meet for 1 hour each week.  Maximum class size 8 Requirements:  Electric guitar, Basic proficiency in reading (1st position reading on all 6 strings), Be able to play all major. minor, Dom7 chords (1st position and bar chords)

Summer Jam Camp — 3 Weeks July/August

We offer two Summer Jam Camps, one in July and one in August each running 3 weeks, twice a week for 2 1/2 hours. Learn how to play in a band!  Students who have mastered basic skills on their instrument are matched up with others of similar ability to form a band.  Each band is coached by professional teachers to learn how to play in coordination with others, how to run a practice session, learn a song, read simple chord symbols and charts, work out arrangements and improvising plus how to run a successful band.  Teachers will introduce microphone and stage performance techniques.  Each band will meet for a 2 1/2-hr session twice per week.  The Camp will conclude with a Live Jam Camp Concert held in our Cafe with expanded seating for family and friends.  Email for more info

A Cappella Group — ongoing

Learn to use your voice in concert with others in this exciting dynamic vocal group, coached by Berklee College of Music grad, John Baptista.  This group meets periodically are often invited to perform publically.  You’ll learn vocal technique to expand your range and expression, enhance your listening skills, inspire your creativity and learn to become more confident in vocal performances.  Interested?  We’d be glad to have John give you a call.  Call 508-977-0200 or Email to set that up.

Rhythms For Rascals — 6 Weeks

Pre-school music program for ages 3-5

Developed exclusively at Rick’s Music World, this program will provide you with a variety of musical opportunities for your young child.  The main focus is to introduce the joy of making music to young people by encompassing many fun activities.  Including singing, rhythmic activities, making of instruments, onstage performing and hands on fun with real musical instruments.  Simple concepts of music making are woven into the activities, as well as reinforcement of social interaction such as respecting others, sharing and taking turns and teamwork skills.  (Please call 508-977-0200 to be added to our wait list.)