Beginner Guitar Lessons Taunton, MA

Beginner Guitar Lessons Taunton, MA

Are you looking for intermediate or beginner guitar lessons for kids, teens, and adults in the Taunton, MA area? Rick’s Music World offers private guitar lessons for a variety of styles on both acoustic and electric guitars. Beginner guitar students will learn how to read sheet music, play basic chords and progressions, use various fingering techniques and more. We like to make our lessons challenging, but enjoyable by introducing new concepts as well as helping you learn your favorite songs. Students are encouraged to bring music in that they want to learn. Rick’s Music World is located in Raynham, near Bridgewater, Easton, and Taunton, MA. Find guitar classes near me- 421 New State Hwy. RT 44 Raynham, MA 02767

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Guitar Lessons For Kids

Rick’s Music offers private guitar lessons for kids of all ages and skill levels. Are you looking for a fun, safe, and productive activity for your child? Has your child expressed interest in music? Rick’s Music World’s guitar lessons for kids are a great way for your child to spend after-school time and learn a great skill. Music lessons help kids form self-discipline and creativity while having positive effects on the brain, such as improving memory! We offer versatile beginner guitar lessons for kids so that your child can learn the foundations of music as well as the styles that they are interested in personally.

Feel free to stop by and take a free tour of our learning facilities! We have 12 modern, private studios with soundproof walls and viewing windows for visibility. We also have a larger studio for group classes and a stage area for performances. Not sure what to do while your kid is jamming out? Parents can enjoy a beverage in our very own cafe or sit in on their child’s classes!

Private Guitar Lessons

So you just got your first real 6-string… what’s next? Head on over to Rick’s Music World and take lessons with some of the most experienced local instructors. We offer private guitar lessons for a variety of styles including rock, pop, jazz, country, blues, funk, metal and classical.

What do I need to bring to beginner guitar lessons?

  • Either an acoustic or electric guitar
  • A small amplifier (if you are bringing an electric guitar)

A few guitar picks and a strap is advised as well. Guitar quality varies greatly. Our shop sells a variety of high-quality acoustic and electric guitars. We can help you select a guitar that suits you and meets your needs within your budget.

Our guitar teachers aim to know every student and parent on a personal level so that we can understand your learning style and your unique musical goals. Your teacher will ask about your favorite type of music and help you set goals to achieve whatever musical aspirations you (or your child) have. We understand that every student has different needs, so we do our best to accommodate and make sure that you are learning at an appropriate pace. We will personalize your experience to help you reach your musical goals.

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Guitar Classes Near Me

At Rick’s Music World, you can get private guitar lessons from some of the local area’s most qualified instructors. Many of our teachers have received musical education from local universities such as Berklee College of Music, Northeastern University, Johnson & Wales University, New England Conservatory, UMass Dartmouth, UMass Amherst, Boston Conservatory, and Middlesex College.

Rick’s Music World offers beginner guitar lessons as well as intermediate-level lessons. We teach students from Raynham, Easton, Bridgewater, Taunton, MA, and the surrounding area. Find guitar classes near me – contact Rick’s Music World today. 


Our guitar instructors teach a variety of music styles on both acoustic and electric guitars/basses. Beginner students can expect to work on chords, simple songs and melodies, sight reading, theory, fingering techniques and timing. We balance musicianship and fun by challenging you with a new concept at each lesson but always ending with something fun like your favorite song or riff. We use a variety of method books, but you can bring a CD/media player to your lesson to help work on your favorite tunes.
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To start off, you will need either an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar with a small amp, a few picks and a strap are helpful. Guitar quality varies greatly. All of our guitars are teacher-approved, and our expert staff are happy to guide you so that your learning experience will be a success.
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That is a great question! Our guitar teachers make it a priority to get to know you on a personal level and to become familiar with your personal learning style and musical goals. Your teacher will ask about your favorite type of music and help you set goals to achieve whatever musical aspirations you (or your child) have.

We do not treat every guitar or bass student the same in terms of what and how we teach. A 7-year old having their first lesson will have very different needs than a 57-year old returning to guitar after having had lessons as a child.

The main reason to choose Rick’s Music World as your lesson provider is that we are sensitive to the fact that every guitar student is an individual.
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We teach all styles from rock, pop, jazz, country, blues, funk, metal and classical.
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Our teachers have received their education from prestigious institutions such as Berklee College of Music, Northeastern University, Johnson & Wales University, New England Conservatory, UMass – Dartmouth, UMass – Amherst, Boston Conservatory, and Middlesex College. Most are professional working musicians and have 15- 25 years of professional performance and teaching experience. In addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly and strive to get to know each student and their parent on a personal level.
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This saves your family time and money. Family members can take lessons on multiple instruments on the same day. Other studios may offer multiple instruments, but we are the only one to offer all of the most popular instruments: Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Electric Bass & Upright Bass, Voice, Piano, Drums, Violin, Viola, Cello, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Harmonica, Ukulele, Mandolin, and Banjo.
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We have 24 music teachers, all with either University training or extensive professional performance experience. Our music teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you achieve them. With at least 3 music teachers for most instruments, we are confident that we have the right teacher to meet your needs. In addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly and dedicated to teaching you the style of music that you want to learn.
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11am – 9pm Monday to Thursday, 11am – 6pm Friday and 10am -5pm Saturday.
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Visit our testimonial page to see what our students and parents are saying.  Every year, aspiring music teachers start their own student, and a year or two later it’s closed.  Rick’s Music World has a proven track record of offering quality music lessons, year round.  Our full time mission is teaching music.
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We know how hectic family life can be.   While your family members are in their lessons, you can relax in our Cafe. Enjoy our gourmet coffee or something chilled and maybe a delicious homemade dessert.  (Our chocolate chip cookies are a favorite!) There’s free wi-fi and always a concert playing on our TV’s.  Read or chat with other members of our music community, the choice is yours.  Of course, parents are always welcome to sit in on their child’s lesson!
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Our studios are stocked with everything you need for lessons.. amps, drums, keyboards/pianos and more. All you need to bring is your instrument. We have spent thousands of dollars on our studios to offer soundproofing and observation windows.
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We are the only private music school that offers not only spacious studios in which to learn, friendly, expert staff to serve you, plus a wonderful selection of teacher-approved instruments for purchase or rental, but also a Cafe with a full stage and professional Bose sound system.   

We host our own recitals and student concerts as well as offer weekly performance opportunites for our entire music community in front of a supportive and encouraging audience, at our family-friendly Thursday night Open Mic.  It’s a great place for students to hone their performance skills and get inspired.
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Many music studios are understaffed by the teacher/owner or an answering machine. We have three dedicated Lesson Coordinators who work together to assist our students and their families.

4 week minimum. Your lessons are open-ended with the convenience of automatic payments. Stop any time with a 2-week notice.
Your student membership includes FREE awards and trophies you earn as you climb The Musical Ladder System® , FREE Student Picture Day and FREE recitals! 
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Musical Ladder System®
Similar to karate belts, our students get rewarded and recognized as they achieve their goals.  As they climb the musical ladder, passing challenge tests given by their teachers, they earn really cool wristbands, certificates and at some levels, even trophies.  Better yet, there is no additional cost for these awards.  Even the trophies are Free!
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VIRTUAL LESSONS are now offered as an alternative to our regular on site lessons. Our member portal hosts our online learning. It’s in the cloud, so no extra software is required. You just need a laptop or desktop computer with a camera & microphone. Your lesson will be with your teacher at your normal timeslot. If you come in for your lesson this week, your teacher will show you how that works. If you want to start virtual lessons immediately, please call 508-977-0200 or email us at