Mountain Dulcimer Workshops with Bing Futch

What a treat!  World renowned artist & teacher, Bing Futch will be here for a Concert on 8/20/17 and he’s offering  Bing Futch -Mountain Dulcimer, Native American flute, uke, drums and more!two exciting afternoon workshops.  Attend one for $30 or both for $45.  All attendees get $5 off their concert ticket!  Call 508-977-0200 or stop in to sign up!

Mountain Dulcimer – The Bridge To Better  1PM
So, you’ve been playing for a little while but feel stuck in a rut? Can’t seem to get past the plateau and you just want to pick up a few new skills? Then, this is the class for you! I’ll share with you some secrets of the mountain dulcimer, like boxes and selective strumming, chording and flatpicking will also be covered. Upgrade your ability, take this class! (Beginner – Intermediate)

Mountain Dulcimer – The Oh! Of It   3PM
More than playing the mountain dulcimer, you want to express yourself through the instrument just as you would express yourself by saying something. Your voice has a rise and fall, certain words are accented, there’s a speeding up and slowing down all tied to your emotions. Your music can be the same way, and should be. We’ll go over the many different ways to achieve expression through your playing including techniques like hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, bends, vibrato, palming, harmonics and more. (Beginner – Intermediate)

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