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Even though we know that we live in an internet shopping world, at Rick’s Music World we still believe that Musical Instruments have to be Felt, Played, and Heard before you can make a proper buying decision. However, there’s a greater reason why our customers prefer to shop here, it’s the personal expert service which we have become famous for all these years. Your satisfaction is our number one priority! Plus, all our prices are competitive with internet, so you get the price AND the service! 

That is why, except for some used vintage items, for the most part we still don’t sell online.

Here are just SOME of our more popular brands and models that we sell in our store.

guild logo

Guild Guitars “Made to be Played!” A USA Company, making incredible quality instruments.

Popular Guild models:

Washburn logo

Since 1883 Washburn has been building guitars. Rick’s has been a dealer since 1983 and we believe that whether you are a beginner or a professional, Washburn guitars provides you with great quality instruments for the money.

Top Selling Washburn models:

ukulele logo

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Top Selling Ukulele’s models:

ibanez logo

“Capture the Essence” Whether you are looking for an Electric Guitar, an Acoustic, a Bass, a Hollow arch top or semi hollow guitar or maybe an Amp or effect pedal like the famous Tube screamer, Ibanez has it all, from beginner to professional, and Ibanez has always been known for their superior quality!

Here we have a tiny list of Top sellers from their vast inventory:

Top Selling Electric Guitars:

Top Selling Acoustic Guitars:

Top Selling Basses:

Top Selling Amplifiers:

Top Selling Pedals:

Tube Screamer
yamaha logo

Another vast line of quality products. We are excited to have Yamaha as a vender partner.

Top Selling Yamaha Guitars:

Top Selling Yamaha Keyboards:

GL Guitars logo

“Guitars by Leo”

As famously quoted by the inventor Leo Fender said: “ G&L Guitars and Basses are the best instruments I have ever made.” And we agree! 

Available in both USA and Tribute series here’s a list of the top selling models, available in many colors:

ASAT Classic
ASAT Classic
ASAT Classic
Blackstar logo

Launched in 2007 by four engineers that worked together for years at the highest levels of the amp designing industry, Blackstar is now considered one of the top 3 amp lines in the world! This brand is innovative and exciting with many models to choose from.

Top Selling Amps:

Stereo 10W
Stereo 20W
Stereo 40W
roland logo

When you hear the name ROLAND, you think immediately, long lasting and quality, whether it amplifiers, keyboards, electronic drum sets, PA sound equipment, processors or guitar pedals, you can always count on the quality of ROLAND!

Top Selling Roland Drums:

Top Selling Roland Amps:

Top Selling Roland PA’s:

ddrum logo

“Everything for today’s drummer”

Top Selling ddrum Drums:

D2 Rock Series
D1 Junior
DD Beta XP
ludwig log

The year was 1900, and it was the start of the most famous name in drums.

Top Selling Ludwig Products:

Accent Series
Bose logo

“Focus less on your gear, and more on your music with Bose portable PA systems” 

The ULTIMATE in portable high quality sound systems. Rick’s Music World became a dealer for BOSE in 1984!

Top Selling Bose Products:

L1® II system
/B1 bass
L1® 1S system
/B1 bass
L1 Compact
T4S ToneMatch
S1 Pro

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