Washburn WL012SE

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Washburn Woodline WLO12SE Orchestra 6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar at a Glance:
All-mahogany construction
Improved spruce bracing
Custom details
All-mahogany construction
The all mahogany construction of the WLO12SE has been a popular option for acoustic guitars since the instruments were first introduced. The mahogany top allows you to achieve a full and round tone that, because of its lower overtones, allows your voice to sit nicely on top of the mix. And the mahogany back and sides impart a midrange-focused, warm tone that’s ideal for strumming. This coupling of woods is a favorite of singer/songwriters and continues to be a favorite among Sweetwater guitarists.

Improved spruce bracing
The bracing inside of the WLO12SE has been greatly reduced in mass. This minimizes the rigidity of the mahogany top, and it allows the top to vibrate much more freely. These vibrations add a bigger, bolder, and more balanced tone to your Woodline WLO12SE acoustic-electric. And the bracing is made from scalloped solid Sitka spruce. The pairing of the mahogany top and spruce bracing works to ensure the darker tone of the guitar has plenty of clarity to cut through.

Custom details
Not only is the tone of your WLO12SE richer because of the scalloped Sitka spruce bracing, but the onboard Fishman Isys+ pickup system translates those tones to the live environment. Features like real rosewood binding and the use of NuBone for the string nut and bridge saddle are high-end touches not generally found on instruments in this price range. And a dual-action truss rod is installed for more precise and stable neck adjustments.

Washburn Woodline WLO12SE Orchestra 6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:
Acoustic guitar with top-notch features
Mahogany top is powerful and warm sounding
Mahogany back and sides are great for strumming
Lighter X-bracing allows the top to vibrate freely
Fishman Isys+ electronics for a full live tone
Rosewood binding
Dual-action truss rod


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