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The Hub of My Music World

The Hub of My Music World

By Matt Borrello

Music, and the people I have met through music, have brought an immense amount of joy into my life.  Rick’s Music World has certainly served as the hub of this joy.

I got my first real guitar there when I was 14 years old and started taking lessons immediately.  In just over a year I was playing with other kids my age who had been playing much longer and performing in front of a large audience at a high school talent show.  A month later I attended my first Thursday night Open Mic at Rick’s. That’s when things started to really pick up. Knowing that there would be a chance to perform every week gave me something to look forward to and work on. It boosted my investment in learning my instrument and finding my voice.  Music also became a central part of my social life.

I began teaching at Rick’s in 2010 during my sophomore year at Northeastern. It was a natural fit. Teaching has continued to be rewarding to me and has nursed my enthusiasm for music of all kinds. In teaching there is always learning, so showing others how to play makes me look at my own craft. I am forever grateful for the positive and nurturing educational community that Rick’s Music World continues to provide to aspiring musicians.

In closing, here are a few tips from jazz pianist, Thelonius Monk. In 1960, 23 pieces of advice given by Monk at rehearsal were then jotted down by sax player Steve Lacy. I was clued into “The Monk Notes” by fellow teacher Louis LeCicero. These words have stuck in my head and I think of them every time I play or listen to music.  Here are my favorites:

“A note can be as small as a pin or a big as the world.
It depends on your imagination.”

“Just because you’re not a drummer,
doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep time.”

“What you don’t play can be more important
than what you do play.”

“Whatever you think can’t be done,
someone will come along and do it.”

About Matt Borrello
Matt has 8 years of teaching experience.  He teaches guitar, bass and harmonica and is one of our beloved Jam Camp Coaches. He’s a grad of Northeastern University with special training in music theory and musicianship and is an award-winning songwriter.  He performs throughout the New England region and  beyond and you can often catch him performing at our Open Mic on Thursday night.

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