Rick’s Music voted in Top 100 Music Dealers in the Country!

We just got a call from NAMM, (our industry trade organization) who announced to us that we’ve been voted one of the Top 100 Music Dealers in the Country and that we’ll be receiving an award at the Summer Music NAMM Show.  How cool is that??!!!

VIRTUAL LESSONS are now offered as an alternative to our regular on site lessons. Our teacherzone.com member portal hosts our online learning. It’s in the cloud, so no extra software is required. You just need a laptop or desktop computer with a camera & microphone. Your lesson will be with your teacher at your normal timeslot. If you come in for your lesson this week, your teacher will show you how that works. If you want to start virtual lessons immediately, please call 508-977-0200 or email us at lessons@ricksmusic.com.