Sweet Babylon -10/25/12 Open Mic Feature

Our next Feature puts the ssss-punk in October!  Sweet Babylon is a ska / reggae / punk rock band so well received by our Open Mic crowd that we wanted to hear more of them.

The Group was formed in late 2011 by three friends from the Fall River, Mass area looking to bring back the ska and reggae sound from their generation (which was the 90’s) to the new generation of Justin Beiber fans. “I can only compare us as a Blink-182 / Sublime .. love child,” says Kyle Platt, lead singer of the Group.

  Sweet Babylon has  written tons of original music and also cover a lot of great music from many artists like Sublime to Kid Cudi.

Kyle Platt is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the group, with his smooth singing and wise cracking jokes he makes sure that every song turns into a party! Next on the roster is Izzy Star! He is the bassist and background vocalist in the group. With his shag-a-delic bass grooves and great harmonies he is capable of making any person shake their “toocus.” Last, but definitely not least, is Brandon Carreiro on drums. His beats are able to fill up any music lover’s stomach. (Yes, that was beat reference to food…) All together they form the perfect little girl known as “Sweet Babylon!”

More About Open Mic Our Thursday night Open Mic held in our Cafe is our most important community service effort, providing a casual, family-friendly performance venue for the members of our musical community of students, customers and visiting local/regional/national/international performers from beginners, and semi-pro to pro. Open Mic is open to the public and people tell us that its a great listening room. The superb sound quality is powered by the Bose L1. You won’t find an audience more supportive and encouraging..they are a special ingredient that makes for the great VIBE here on Open Mic night.  Oh, and come hungry the
Performer sign up is at 6:30
Show starts at 7
Admission is $3 per person
Bands are welcome. (Please call Rick in advance for stage & equipment logistics). 508-977-0200

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